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Albanesi Interior with painting
No.235 Ferry Street 
ALABANESI Restaurant & Bar
Easton, PA

Our brand new concept, Albanesi,
opening July 10, 2024

The name Albanesi is a nod to our Albanian heritage. It is the brainchild of Enjoy with Gusto Founder Mick Gjevukaj who draws inspiration from his Albanian roots, and his family’s cooking. 


Albanesi is a celebration of Southern European culture and cuisine.

The dishes are familiar, yet surprising- comforting, yet extraordinary.

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The restaurant’s ambiance reflects the intimacy of Albanian hospitality where sharing food slows down time and guests can savor the flavors of Southern Europe’s cultural crossroads. A casual elegant dining style provides a setting perfect for special occasions. Albanesi’s atmosphere is designed to complement its menu, offering a warm and inviting space where guests can enjoy a meal that’s both comforting and exotic.

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interior at Albanesi
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At the heart of Albanesi is its samuna bread. Baked to order in a wood burning oven, it arrives at your table with a spread of hummus, dips, and pickled delights. This first course is highly shareable and perfect for starting your meal. 


In the meze course, guests will enjoy a variety of small plates, reminiscent of a bustling family feast where dishes are passed from hand to hand amidst laughter and conversation. These plates reflect the bounty of the European table and draw upon influences from Italy, the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Greece. 


The third course guests can select one of our specially crafted entrees. Choices include our signature slow roasted lamb shoulder. Tender, flavorful and deeply rooted in the culinary history of Southern Europe. Another signature classic, our seafood risotto, served in a traditional style pan directly from the oven, reflects the strong coastal influence of the region. 

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set table at Albanesi

“At Albanesi dining is not only about the food; it’s about the moments created around the table. It’s a place where the dining experience is an extension of Albanian generosity and where every meal is a chance to slow down and appreciate the joy of togetherness."

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